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Working Group on Fight Against Corruption and Money Laundering


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Standards & Guidelines

Guideline of Standards for the Social Control of Public Funds

GUID 5270 - Guideline for the Audit of Corruption Prevention (formerly known as ISSAI 5700)

GUID 5260 - Governance of  Public Assets (formerly known as INTOSAI GOV. 9160)

ISSAI 5700 - The Audit of Corruption Prevention in  Government Agencies

English     -     Arabic

INTOSAI GOV. 9160 - Enhancing Good Governance for Public Assets 

English     -      Arabic

Other Publications

Book Dismantling Corruption : Ideas to Strengthen Integrity in Chile


English      French    Spanish   Portuguese

Challenges for Supreme Audit Institutions

English       Arabic

WG Book 2007 - 2010

English     French     Arabic    Spanish

Task Force Annuals “Fight Against International Money Laundering”

Guidelines and Principles for Supreme Audit Institutions of the INTOSAI Member – State on Fight against Corruption and Money Laundering

English     Arabic     French     Spanish     Germany

Publication Under Release

Develop Guidelines on the following themes:

Promote Controls on Public Fiscal Transparency.

Stolen Assets Recovery.

Audit of Corruption Prevention in Public Procurement.

Fighting Against Money Laundering.