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Working Group on Fight Against Corruption and Money Laundering


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2020 Egypt

14th Meeting Documents

Minutes of the 14th Meeting

List of Participants

01- WGFACML Secretariat Activities (2019-2020)

02- ECUADOR Guideline on Standards for the Social Control of Public Funds

03- USA Guideline on Stolen Assets Recovery

04- AUSTRIA Guideline on Audit of Corruption Prevention in Public Procurement

05- BRAZIL Presentation on National Program to Prevent Corruption

06- WGFACML Work Plan (2020 - 2022)

2019 China

13th Meeting Documents

Minutes of the 13th Meeting

01- Concept of Fraud - Zambia

02- Efforts With IDI Egypt

03- Forensic Audits Mexico

04- Lesson Learned About SAI Fighting Corruption Thailand

05- Prezentacja PPPi Koncesja ver.2 - Poland

06- SAI Experience Zambia

07- Social Control Guide Ecuador

08- Subgroup 2 Austria ACA

09- The Role of Government Audit In Fighting Corruption - China

10- The Role of Government Audit in Fighting Corruption - Oman

11- The Role of SAI Thailand And Fighting Corruption - Thailand


2018 Mexico

12th Meeting Documents

Minutes of the 12th Meeting

12th WGFACML Meeting Report

01- Mexico National Anti-corruption System_1 Oct18

02- Promoting Controls on Public Funds

03- USA Asset Recovery

04- Austria Guideline Corruption Prevention in Public Procurement

05- Brazil Forensic Accounting

06- Austria Role ACA Experience on FACML

07- Brazil ISAI Experiences

08- China Role of Government Audit in Combating Corruption-A Chinese Experience

09- Egypt Roles & Responsibilities-Social Acc

10- Egypt Fighting Against Money Laundering

WGFACML Final Agenda v 2oct18


2017 Tanzania

2016 Germany

2015 Malaysia

2014 USA

Minutes of the 11th Meeting

Minutes of the 10th Meeting

Minutes of the 9th Meeting

Minutes of the 8th Meeting





2013 Namibia

2012 Poland

2011 Czech Republic

2010 Ecuador

Minutes of the 7th Meeting

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda

Draft working plan

Minutes of the 6th Meeting (English)


Member List

Meeting Agenda

Minutes of the 6th Meeting (Spanish)

Minutes of meeting (English)


Documents of the Meeting

Documents of the Meeting

Minutes of meeting (Spanish)


1- First guideline-Enhancing good governance for public assets.

1- First guideline - Poland.



(English) - (Arabic)

2- Second guideline - Germany.



2- Second guideline - The audit of corruption prevention in government agencies.

3- Third guideline - Russia.



(English) - (Arabic)

4- F&C - guidance - 3. draft. Appendices.


Questionnaire Report

3- Third guideline - Challenges for supreme audit institutions.

5- F&C - guideline 3 draft.


Questionnaire Presentation

(English) - (Arabic)

6- Fourth objective - Russia questionnaire.


Report on Second Objective


7- UN - INTOSAI joint project.




8- Country paper of SAI IRAN.




Power point




1- 6th meeting of WGFACML 03.10.2012 - F&C - guidance.




2- Guideline 2 - current status.




3- Second draft - Poland 18.09.











2009 Indonesia

2008 Peru

2008 Egypt


Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda


Participant List

Participant List

Participant List














2022 Egypt

15th Meeting Documents

Meeting Agenda

List of Participants

Minutes of the 15th Meeting

01- The INTOSAI WGFACML Sectt.s Progress Report

02- Austria Guideline for the Audit of Corruption Prevention in PP

03- Mexico Guideline for Whistleblowers

04- USA-Guideline-for-Asset-Recovery-1

05- Role of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation in Anticorruption

06- SAI Indonesia Preventing and Combating Corruption

07-Fight Against Corruption: The Role Of French Financial Jurisdictions